Transhumanist Hacking

Written for Vertigo

Published in Issue 5, May, 2015

1998, Julian Dibbell publishes the now classic essay, ‘A Rape in Cyberspace’, dealing with text-based rape in the mid-nineties. But unlike this world of LambdaMOO (a genus of Multi-User-Dimensions), and unlike the text-based assault of Mr. Bungle (a character swathed in “cum-stained harlequin garb” (Dibbell, 1998)) and his voodoo doll, forcing a slew of acts debauched, decadent and depraved on other residents of the digital-code world of LambdaMoo, contemporary developments in technology, specifically those of haptic, or kinesthetic technology, and smart adult toys enjoying wireless, WiFi functionality, raise the prospect of virtual rape now morphing into one of a physical sensation, and of physical damage…

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AD 2015 Transhumanist Hacking

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