PSYCROPTIC – Interview with Jason Peppiatt (AHM)

by Anna Denejkina

Written for Australian Hysteria Magazine

Originally published in Issue 9, 2012

It’s 2012, and Psycroptic’s career is officially a seventh-grader. Thirteen years, five albums and countless tours have made the Tassie four one of the most recognisable metal outfits spawned from Australia — and one that’s now admired globally.

With time, comes an awaited, tacit change. Yet the protective nature of fans, despite their professed open minds and ears, a change is not always wanted, welcomed, or understood. An adjustment becomes uncomfortable, unusual, and if the music is more – god forbid – digestible, then this change is absolutely unacceptable. Furthermore, if this change comes from tech-death wizards, like Psycroptic, well… be ready for an Internet flame war concentrated on diversity in opposition to ‘weaksauce’…

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