GRAVEYARD ROCKSTARS – Interview with Ash Rothschild (AHM)

by Anna Denejkina

Written for Australian Hysteria Magazine

Originally published in Issue 9, 2012

“We’re the equivalent to watching a musical version of a horror movie,” is an ambitious description that is sure to raise eyebrows. Hearing that this band is the spawn from members of L.U.S.T, The Licks, Ink, Caligula and Neon Heart, raises that anticipation even higher. And in 2012, the spawn has come out to play in the form of the aptly titled Graveyard Rockstars.

Crawling out of Sydney’s woodwork is the brainchild of front-man Ash Rothschild, for whom the idea of a horror-rock troupe clad in an almost identical aesthetic loomed for a long time, before serendipity took hold, like it does with all attractive ideas…

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