Silverstein – Interview with Shane Told (AHM)

by Anna Denejkina

Written for Australian Hysteria Magazine

Originally published in Issue 8, 2012

“I don’t think that we felt like we needed to make a certain record, or that we would let down our fans, [or] our label. This is a record we made for us,” commented Silverstein front man, Shane Told, as he discussed the work behind the band’s forthcoming, new album, Short Songs.

Twelve years into the outfit’s career, Canada’s Silverstein is now set to release its sixth post-hardcore effort. ‘Short Songs’ is an album which pays homage to the bands that influenced the quintet, and features eleven brand new compositions that have not only taken on an old-school vibe in their length, but are also intimate representations of Shane during a rapidly changing – and an overtly tumultuous – period within his life…

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