Interview with Daniel Darling of Kill City Creeps

by Anna Denejkina

Written for Australian Hysteria Magazine

Originally published in Issue 7, 2011/12

“It’s the sound of driving through the city, loaded.” From the mouth of Daniel Darling – guitarist and vocalist of Sydney-based rock n’ rollers, Kill City Creeps – comes one of the more hilarious explanations as to the sound of the outfit. But for a band that came together during a revelry – and one that I can safely assume did not hold back on drinks, and everything else that cannot be named – it is no surprise that their fuzz and organ, much like their moniker, sums up their like and likeness to the filthy side of any city.

“As a band, we still are individuals but we have the same mindset, and whether that is a product of the city – I can’t really say,” commented Daniel on their home town of Sydvegas, from which the band spawned at the conclusion of 2010, making the troupe a relative infant in the current scene…

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