Going Down Memory Lane

by Anna Denejkina

While updating my portfolio, I came across my first (print media) published articles – very, very brief articles – and the earliest for The Music Network, whose former editor-in-chief, Nicole Fossati, was the first to take me under her proverbial wing within print media.

The following magazine clippings  were written as my trial for Nicole, and published in the magazine’s let’s-celebrate-metal-as-an-important-genre issue. I was given free rein in choosing the bands that I wanted to write about for the heavier ‘Breaking Point’ of The Music Network, and thus I went to the artists that I loved within the Australian underground.

I am still unsure if these bands know that they’ve appeared, ever so slightly, on the pages of The Music Network, albeit it can be guessed with some certainty that for the likes of The Amenta, Mournful Congregation and Dead Letter Opener, this appearance may have been their last…they’re just too br00tal.

(Note that somehow Lamb of God = Lamb of Goat.)

Sydonia: www.sydonia.com.au

The Amenta: www.theamenta.com

sleepmakeswaves: sleepmakeswaves.com

Mournful Congregation: www.mournfulcongregation.com

Dead Letter Opener: www.deadletteropener.com